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Pedro the Cunning Hare
Pedro the Cunning Hare - Genuine Mexican Art Work for Sale
Pedro is a genuine, one-of-a-kind, hand-carved, hand-painted oaxacan alebrije created by talented local artist Florencio Fuentes from Oaxaca Mexico -- distinctly unique and original.


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Art Gallery Price: $469.00
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Weight: 16.5 Ounces
Dimensions: 14.25" H x 4.5" W x 5" L

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Product Code: 2013-03


Genuine Oaxacan Alebrije

Artisan: Florencio Fuentes
Hometown: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
Craftsmanship: Original Mexican Art Work; Hand Carved from One Piece of Copal Tree Wood; Meticulously Hand Painted; Signed on Bottom by Artisan; Exclusive & Unique; Pedro is the Only One in the World

Fun Backstory about Pedro:

The sun was rolling across the sky at a snail’s pace - - taking a full sixty minutes for each hour’s worth of movement. Pedro stayed in the shade watching it for as long as he could, until the boredom he felt outweighed the desire to be immobile. Standing and stretching so every muscle in his body was taut, he then relaxed and began moving off to the north. He had picked his direction for no reason in particular, but soon reveled in the fact that he had, in fact, chosen wisely.

He hadn’t gone more than 200 yards before he ran into his old friend, El Tortuga - - Mr. Tortoise. He was sitting on a huge pile of carrots that had, apparently, fallen off a truck on the way to market. Their sweet fragrance wafted its way from where El Tortuga sat to Pedro’s olfactory lobes, immediately creating a hankering that the young hare could not ignore.

Sitting down where he had a good vantage point from which to speak, Pedro began working his charm on his friend. “Mi amigo,” he began, “how are you today? “Oh, I am fine,” El Tortuga replied. “But, I have so much to do. Say,” he continued with a large but slow smile, “maybe you can help me. I need to deliver about half of these carrots to my various relatives in the Oaxaca area. And, since you are so much faster than I, maybe you could deliver them for me.”

Faster, Pedro thought, and a whole lot better looking. In fact, he thought to himself, he was, perhaps, the most attractive creature in the whole of Oaxaca, Mexico.

He was, to say the least, quite a striking figure. His long, ears with their white as cotton insides towered over his head like twin radio antenna. And, what a head it was! Its most striking feature was a deep blue widow’s peek that extended from his forehead to the very nape of his neck. His arms were the color of an Easter basket full of brightly colored eggs, with an array of hues equaled only by the rainbow. But, the trait that made him really stand out was the circle of color in the middle of his back. Lime green rays with pinpoints of yellow indirectly reflected his cunning nature. Pedro was the most unique hare in all Oaxaca - - and the fastest one, too!

Sensing his friend’s hesitation, El Tortuga decided to sweeten the pot.

“If you will help me,” he continued, “I will give you half of the pile that is left after your deliveries.”

Pedro sat staring at the pile, trying to calculate how big, exactly, a quarter would be. It was, he realized, a goodly amount - - one that would keep him supplied with fodder for a month or more. Sizing up the situation, he quickly agreed to the arrangement.

“Good,” El Tortuga said. “First take two dozen to my cousin, Roberta. She makes the finest carrot pie and will really be happy to receive them.”

Pedro grabbed his load and sprinted off to Roberta’s house. Giving her the carrots and explaining where they came from he rushed back to get the next batch. As El Tortuga gave him his directions, he noticed that the pile seemed a little smaller than it had when he left for Roberta’s, but he didn’t say anything.

And so it went for the better part of the afternoon. He would take two dozen, deliver them to what turned out to be thirty of El Tortuga’s relatives and friends, only to return to a pile that was a little smaller than when he left. Finally, his assignment was over and, low and behold, there were but two dozen carrots left.

“It seems,” El Tortuga said, trying to hide the glee he felt, knowing that in Pedro’s absence he had hid over twenty dozen of the carrots, “that all that is left for us to share are these.”

Pedro just stared at him, displaying his best poker face. He could see the jubilation jumping in his friend’s eyes, spurred by El Tortuga’s knowledge of what he had done. Bowing graciously, he thanked his friends for his dozen carrots and began to leave. “Oh,” Pedro said matter of factly, “several of your relatives asked me to give you these thank you notes.”

Handing the notes over he headed down the road with his dozen carrots. Working at a turtle’s pace, El Tortuga opened each one and read virtually the same message:

“Dear El Tortuga - - Thank you for the dozen carrots. We will put them to good use and know that we will greatly enjoy them.”

He sat for a moment and then, suddenly, said, “Hey, I had you take two dozen carrots to everyone.” But, by then it was too late, for Pedro was far out of earshot. El Tortuga realized that not only was Pedro the most attractive creature in all of Oaxaca, and the fastest, he also was the most cunning!

Pedro the Hare Genuine Oaxacan Alebrije

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