Though the Oaxaca Region of Mexico is impoverished to the point of being one of the poorest areas in that country, they are rich in artistic talent. In fact, when it comes to Oaxacan Artistry there are a number of areas where they truly shine. When you think of Oaxacan Artistry there are a multitude of mediums that you can be considering, including but not limited to:

  • Ceramics
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Tin Work
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Candles
  • Basketry

In all of these examples of Oaxacan Artistry, the items they produce are crafted from natural materials.Too, they tend to blend indigenous myths and patterns from the old ruins of the Zapotecs. Preserved for over half a millennium, the creations of the native peoples are virtually unequaled around the world.Of all the crafts produced, however, perhaps none are more unique than the wood carvings known as Alebrijes.

Alebrijes are a form of Oaxacan Artistry created from the Copal Tree. Hand carved and hand painted, they exude both creativity and immense talent.First created as paper mache piñatas by Pedro Linares Lopez during a bout with high fever, the wood carved Alebrijes began to come into existence some 35 years ago and have been flourishing since.

Oaxacan Artistry, of course, would be nowhere without Oaxacan Artists. Perhaps one of the most famous of these is Enrique Flores, one of the more prolific artists of his generation.Born in 1963 he began his formal training by 1980 and now “reigns supreme” in his field. Flores has not, however, allowed his success to shroud the memory of his humble beginnings. Rather, he is planning to build an apartment complex dedicated to housing struggling art students, and an art gallery that will display not only his work but the work of these artists as well.

Others who, like Flores, want to assist those who struggle in helping to promote Oaxacan Artistry, can become members of FOFA - - Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art.Dedicated to encouraging young Mexican folk artists to pursue their crafts, they strive to ensure that these arts are not lost to economic and cultural changes.

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